NOTE: This feud recap is from Feb 2009...but it’s still a we leave it up for you...the fans.


You’re obviously looking at this page because you’re a big fan of Tony Weeks and the Tony Weeks Band featuring Tony Weeks and therefore must be informed of this situation that threatens the survival of your favorite band. There currently is a feud between drummer Steven Crowder, and guitarist/singer Tony Weeks. This page should bring you up to speed...while also bringing you to tears. 


It all started with this video...the world was given a peek into the life of Tony Weeks and the Tony Weeks Band featuring Tony Weeks:

(about 7 minutes)

Then Steven and his parents responded with these 2 videos


(1 minute or so)


(1 minute or so)


Then, Tony Weeks and the Tony Weeks Band featuring Tony Weeks started also playing in the cover band Wild Gypsy. Judi, the lead singer of the band teamed up with all the members of Tony Weeks and the Tony Weeks Band featuring Tony Weeks (along with one additional guitarist and some hot background singers) to put together a press packet...the press packet is to secure a USO Tour in the summer. For the press packet, a good performance video of a couple of songs is needed.

Tony Weeks and the Tony Weeks Band featuring Tony Weeks has a show on Feb 17th at The 5 Spot in Nashville. They decided to let Wild Gypsy play 3 songs during their set so they can do the video. Friends Erich Marx, Darla Farmer, and Adam Hood are also on the bill. 

Steven got upset because Tony wouldn't put Wild Gypsy as a featured band on the poster...Tony said it would mislead the fans and they might come from hours away to see only 3 songs. Steven said Tony was arrogant and was turning up his nose to Wild Gypsy.

Things got tense.

Crowder quit Tony Weeks and the Tony Weeks Band featuring Tony Weeks in violent protest starting an attack on Tony via Facebook, Myspace, and Youtube. He says he will still play with Wild Gypsy however. Steven sent this video at the beginning of his protest:


(3 minutes or so)


The attacks got more verbally violent. See Facebook and Myspace posts over the past couple of days to follow the action.


Tony began to worry about Steven's substance abuse problems (as first shown to the fans in "The Price of Rocking" video - see link above) noticing that he was becoming more intense, less rational, and more self-destructive. Tony posted the following message to Steven:


(2 minutes or so)


Steven, further falling into a downward spiral of substance abuse and mental deterioration, posted the following:


(3 minutes or so)


Steven then announced he was recording a solo album that would be better than anything Tony Weeks and the Tony Weeks Band featuring Tony Weeks could release. 

After seeing Steven’s postings, Perry (lead guitarist of Tony Weeks an the Tony Weeks Band featuring Tony Weeks) posted the following response.


(1 minute or so)


Tony urged Steven to let call him so they could talk it out, but only received cryptic myspace and facebook messages claiming Tony was a liar and that he was clean. 


Worrying for Steven’s safety, but more concerned about the fans who would be heartbroken if the band broke up, Tony made a bold move to keep the band together. He attended a birthday party at Steven’s house. It was a tense night and things happened. The following video recaps the night (note -- this clip has some adult language):


(6 minutes or so)



Steven posted a video on Facebook claiming “How many damn people do you know stringed out that work on cars that are controlled by damn computers!!” This video has now been removed from the internet by the automotive industrial complex.


THEN, Steven’s dad posted his second response in this string of postings...and it is a MUST SEE. 

(about 2.5 minute minutes)







It happened. ON Sunday, Feb 15th, the band staged an intervention at Steven’s House.


(about 3.5 minute minutes)


What will happen next?????


Stay tuned for updates here...and please say a prayer for the band...they’ll need it if they’re going to make it to the show at Foobar on Feb 17th.